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Player Information
*Name/Alias: Jayde
*Your Journal: [personal profile] mordoriannazgul
*Age: 25
*Contact Information: e-mail:; aim: Jaydepuff; plurk: Greywolf360
*Characters already in the game: Noisy Boy, Barricade (CRAU)

Character Information
*Character Name: Fracas the Vehicon, or Designation #46391
*Character Canon: Transformers Prime
*Age: Unknown, but he is an adult. Tentatively saying older than most mooks have a right to be.
*Race: Cybertronian
*Timeline/Pull Point: Shortly after Episode 2.11: Flying Mind. Let’s not give the ship Dark Energon anymore, okay guys?

*History: Providing a Wiki Link as a base reference for events that Vehicons were involved in; Fracas is unlikely to know anything that Vehicons weren’t directly involved with, save for the really big stuff (Starscream committing treason, Breakdown’s death, etc.).

As with most other Vehicons, Fracas’s life has been mostly unremarkable. Point in fact, the most impressive thing that Fracas has ever accomplished is that, after a particularly rough fight some time ago, he (politely) pestered the Vehicon in charge of assignments to putting him on permanent duty in Maintenance. Aside from the few occasions when he’s specifically called for field duty, he is tweaking and repairing hiccups in Nemesis’s engines, lighting system, and life support. It’s admittedly bland work, but it’s better than going out and getting shot at, isn’t it? It’s not like he doesn’t hear about the field missions anyway, since most of his co-workers gossip wildly when officers aren’t around… possibly because a lot of the gossip is about the officers. Fracas knows things, sure, but he himself stays out of the action as much as he can manage.
*Personality: Fracas is, more than anything, a cautious sort. He’s seen a lot of his fellow Vehicons go down to stubbornness or boldness, or simply angering the wrong sort, and he will have no part of that. He would rather live, and it’s served him pretty well so far. Sure, he’ll go up against Autobots with just as much zeal, but he doesn’t try to press his luck. This has also contributed to him generally attempting to be polite to other Decepticons, particularly to officers. He doesn’t want to give them a reason to be upset with him, and avoiding insults is the easiest way to stay safe. Especially when it comes to the violent mechs he works with. After all, he might be afraid of Autobots, but he’s more afraid of Decepticon officers. Starscream had a history of smacking them around, and considering that he seemed to be in charge of Nemesis for quite a while, Fracas is wary that the same will happen with the rest of them. That, and he’s heard stories that some of the officers could do worse than just injure or offlines Vehicons… whether they are true or not, it’s enough to keep him from being anything but polite to them.

Fracas tends to be extremely practical. He takes his job – whatever it happens to be – seriously and does the best that he can at it. He rarely allows his feelings to interfere with his work or his rare conversations with his commanding officers… and he rarely lets other Cybertronians interfere with his work. Someone has to keep things running, after all, while everyone in charge goes on wacky adventures and gets the other Vehicons offlined. Besides, as long as he does his work to the best of his abilities, he’s less likely to get dragged into combat outside the ship. Even so, if ordered to attack, he would, in spite of his otherwise well-developed survival instinct; better to do what he’s told than risk irritating his leaders.

He also is a fairly reserved mech. Making friends with other Vehicons tends to end poorly, since they often end up scrapped, so it’s just easier to avoid it all together. Still, he does feel some sort of camaraderie for the others like him; in the end, they’re all in the same boat. Given enough time and conversations, he will warm up to most Decepticons… barring Megatron. Being chummy with their leader seems impossible (and hazardous) to him. Given how little he deals with others, compliments often fluster him. He simply has no idea how to respond to them.

Unfortunately, getting Fracas to warm up might be a difficult prospect. He doesn’t often speak enough to make conversations last and much of what he says is to get right to the point he’s trying to make… unless, of course, it takes a bit longer to keep it polite. All of these things tend to keep Fracas out of the spotlight, as far as Vehicons go, which suits him just fine. He doesn’t much enjoy getting the attention of others when he can avoid it. Attention isn’t always a positive thing, after all (though sometimes he wouldn’t mind knowing that his hard work is at least appreciated). If there’s one thing he will have serious problems with, it’s the thought of being the only Vehicon in the world. One Vehicon is not a proper number; one hundred Vehicons, sure, but one? It’s exposing and completely lacks any intimidation factor. Even worse, it means Fracas is certain to be noticed and singled out.
*Powers/Abilities: Fracas, as with most Cybertronians, has the ability to change shape into another object, typically a vehicle. In Fracas case, he turns into the Batmobile!... more or less. Sadly for him it’s not very remarkable at home, since half of the other Vehicons also turn into the Batmobile. The rest turn into the Batmobile With Wings. The important part here is that Fracas uses tires.

Similarly, all of the Vehicons including Fracas have the ability to change at least one of their arms into a weapon – specifically a blaster rifle with a distinctive triangular muzzle. However, it doesn’t seem to do much damage in the show unless it is a specific plot point.

Fracas himself is just as scary-looking but completely inept at combat as all of the other Vehicons. The only thing that might be different about him than others like him is his willingness to run when Decepticon officers aren’t present.
*Inventory: Just his bad self with his on-board rifle and all.
*Starting Polarity: No preference here, but Fracas will probably be intimidated regardless.

If AU, how does your character differ from canon?: (Non AU apps may ignore this question. CRAUs and OAUs should get in to specifics here regarding what changes there are from their character's original canon. We'll need at least a paragraph explaining details.)

Writing Samples
*First Person Sample: [He’s not really even sure why he bothers with the video anymore. His mask is not exactly the most expressive thing out there.]

So I, uh. Haven’t seen Shockwave in a while and I was wondering if anyone has seen him lately? He’s kind of… big and spikey and purple with antenna on his head and one big red optic. And one of his arms is permanently a gun.

He’s pretty hard to miss… So if anyone has seen him lately, could you please let me know? I would appreciate it.

Uhm. Thank you. For listening.

[He sits there for a couple seconds longer than is strictly necessary before ending the transmission.]
*Third Person Sample: He could have sworn he’d been walking into the engine room when the door slid open, not… where ever this was.

Where is this, anyway? He turns on his pedes, examining the area. Rocky and brownish-grey… well, brownish-grey in this light, anyway. Nothing like the area that Nemesis had been parked over for repairs and a quick checking over. At least he didn’t think it was; the terrain hadn’t looked anything like this when he’d glanced at it on the monitors. The rocks weren’t this jagged certainly. He pushes one rock out of the way with the flat tip of his boot, looking upward.

The sky was… grey-ish? It was the best he could come up with; it was clear and dark, but he could catch sight of dim light from stars somewhere in it. Twilight would probably be the best word. Worse, the ship was nowhere in sight. Had he gotten dumped out of an airlock without realizing it? Or left behind? Or this was some awful prank by some of the other Vehicons?

Fracas balked at the idea. Without the other Decepticons to back him up, he was in danger; he wasn’t exactly supposed to survive on his own. All that training hadn’t really done much good. He looked around the area again. Well he could at least go looking for somewhere safe to spend the night. Maybe come back here when it was lighter out and hopefully he could get his bearings. He scores one nearby section of rock with his claws before heading out to find shelter.

Final Notes: The show has been extremely vague about most things concerning Vehicons’ construction; if possible, I’d like to assume that front of Fracas’s helm is a mask and his actual face is somewhere under it. He just never takes it off around non-Vehicons because it’s improper to do so.


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